Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great Deals on Atlanta Real Estate?

Everyone wants a good deal. That is a given. Most buyers, when looking for a home, see "the deal" as an amount off of the price. While that is the case, it is hardly an absolute.  A good question for the buyer to ask when coming across such a deal is this - how can the lessor afford to take that much off of the price?

The answer, in short, is that in a majority of instances the builder of the homes will simply put less in it. They will use fewer materials where they can and cut quality, especially in aspects of the home the buyer does not see such as the insulation, wiring and plumbing. 


A builder may change something small like using nails as opposed to screws. Nails are less expensive than screws.  A builder may nail in the sub floor, increasing the likely hood of warping, as opposed to using screws.  A buyer would be unaware of such a change, unless they were shown the sub floor before installation of the hardwood flooring or carpet. The buyer may realize this later on, when repairs are needed.


What is worse though is that the developer or builder cut costs long before the housing market slowed.  


At Turnbury Gates, buyers can rest assured in knowing the price of the home is backed up by the quality of the construction.  Built by Viewpoint homes, they use the best products and materials in the industry.


So the next time you see a great deal, ask you self, at what price?

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